Love or Learn: Create

Hi Loves,

With all the craziness in society why not create something that speaks for you? A “Master piece” that explains who you are.  Paint, write, sing, build, photograph, design, film, or do something that encourages you to demonstrate your truest you. Let’s start our journey to liven the spirit by opening up our creative side.

My sweet, beautiful friend Cherish G. and I were having  a conversation and she explained, “It’s hard to be true to yourself when people keep shutting you down. Haters are the biggest followers of them all because they don’t even know who they are. They aren’t true to themselves so they hate those that are.”  

Why is it the most genuine, original people are always the ones getting the most remorse from other people? Is it simple jealousy, being clueless, labels or just because they are believing the negative influence? 

This is what our Freewill is for, To make better choices. Let’s Be real and show others how to, if they hate on you, So? Don’t let “haters” disrupt your development. They’re only hating on you because you have something they want.  Don’t give them that Power!  We are all still growing into the people we are becoming.  Lets change our outlook, be our true selves and encourage one another. If your going to believe in anything, believe in yourself.