Share the Love

Hi Loves??

I use the word love a lot but there are different kinds of love that we all forget about, not just being “in love,” but loving our brothers, sisters, friends, and even the people we don’t like. Yes, that “B” too! ūüėČ

We all go through different phases but we are all here in a socialized community to unite and learn from each other. It takes time to adapt to other’s, but there’s no pressure to rush. The ego is individually self acquired;¬† we must keep an open mind to become more knowledgeably extensible.¬†We will all get there in the end, as a result there’s always that opposite insight that creates a universal balance.

This is why Real People need to share the love by donating your time, money, food, or material goods to your choice of charity or people. What if roles were reversed? What would you do in the other person shoes?

There are too many good people out there that are hungry and could use some help. The change starts with us, we should put in more effort to help. Leading by example is the key to start motivating others to do the same.  Lets share the love, sustaining  wisdom and bigheartedness to others to better humanity and our future.