Save the planets future

Hi Good peoples:

“Love Mom” is May’s theme, lets pay closer attention to our natural fundamentals. As beautiful as life is we are limiting our resources by not being fully aware of the earths needs. It’s a difficult time for our earths atmosphere, but instead of focusing on the problem, we should start changing our perspective to the solution. We would ALL  have to participate and make better choices for our future.

We are still learning how and what exactly is harmful for the environment and if we use some of the knowledge we remember before we shop we can make little differences everyday, everybody’s choices and every little bit counts.

“Recycle, Reuse, no more Earth abuse!! **” 


My boyfriend found a creative way to reuse his cans for his paint brushes. My son uses cans as pencil holders. If we don’t reuse it,  let’s try to recycle them.

Make sure to teach children that Earths necessities lies in their hands and Start growing the seeds of knowledge for our future. Change is not going to happen over night but let’s start changing today for a promised tomorrow.

We can do this, for “Mother’s Sake.”

Here’s a list of things I recently found out is harmful for our environment:

10 things that are killing the environment

(One Green Planet is an environmentally educational, progressive website, CHECK IT OUT )

Thanks for Reading.