Globally Aware

To the Real peoples:

There are so many sad, anti-progressive, real dissensions points in our modern society.  I’ve written before that I don’t like to dwell or fixate on the problems but to refocus on the solutions to better our future. We all need to believe that we can grow from this “lower frequency cycle” that modern society is currently stuck in by communicating and educating.

There is more than just our own ego, yes, we should take care of ourselves but please don’t forget about others. For an example, we could listen to somebody else speak even if we disagree with there perspective because you learn more from the opposition.

We need to think more globally and entirely humanistic.

“They” want to keep people divided in any way possible, for “control” purposes, but the truth always overcomes “their” lies. Openly communicate, remember to find a solution, and follow through.

We can all work on this:

Having Hope, Being Honest, Forms of Prayer, Open Communication, Education and Finding Solutions are the leading ways to get society moving toward an exceeding future. WE CAN GROW FROM THIS!

We need to educate our children with our own origins along with other multicultural values and global issues. Children will grow with an open mind and make their own independently wise choices as long as we sharpen them with actual knowledge.  LETS RAISE STRONG PEACEFUL LEADERS NO MORE  “FORMULATED COPYCATS.”



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