Summer Time Sweetness

Hey Real Peoples!

Happy June! Hopefully everyone’s having a wonderful summer and getting into the friendly sunlit spirit of humanitarianism.

This maybe difficult for most that are taught to be selfish but that can change. No, it’s not too late. We should show true kindheartedness and generosity and it will expand through example.  This is a demanding time for us to be honest and sympathetic to one another…

People are feeding into negativity by writing, reacting, and speaking with “garbage words” without a purpose. Their giving into evil slander and lies. Gossipers need to realize every word we say or write is a personal choice and it negatively affects everybody including them. Children are the most impacted through disruption of emotional development, so please, choose words wisely.

We don’t  know everything. Everyone has their own inner struggles so give them time and offer help. 

Instead of being “Shady” and stating lies out of anger or sadness try to run more or do other cardio work outs to increase the endorphins “happiness hormones” in your brain and nervous system. Through physical activities, meditations or prayers, and creative works we are determined to advance with lively influential spirits.

We, yes me too, should practice speaking and writing with genuine words that intend to unite people. Make wiser choices and reach our higher selves with true character and friendly words. Let’s create more positive intentions for beautiful creative ambitions. We have to be better leaders for the future.

When I write and encourage people the light from within me glows and causes jubilation. I hope everyone realizes their here for an important reason; knows their true purpose, and how much of an impact we each leave in the universe.

Everything Counts. Realize we are all connected. 


Smile 😉 Your gorgeous!

Thanks for reading, I am truly grateful for the support.


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