Nature in Consumerism

To The Realists:

I was blessed to bask in the Colorado spirit this past week with my family and get a little “clatchet” says MC, with  my lovelies:

                selfies Photo Credit goes to the lovely, Krisella Izadi, Happy birthday Week Ate Nina!

Being in the clean air and high elevation in Colorado for a few days was very inspiring. The people were friendly while progressing and developing within the greener movement. The Coloradoan life style and ideals were very motivating, eye opening, and excelling. Our other states can learn a lot from their holistic lifestyles. The state is also incredible because they have coincided city life with nature, which is a leading quality that all people can learn from. prarire

Our perspective needs to widen so that we can develop into a more natural and consumerism ran concurrent world.

With the Earth’s overpopulation, we are forced to increase basic economics including food, water, and other needs. Even with the numbers as they are, regular people are still struggling. In Los Angeles County alone, the homeless rate is over 55,000 so we should start to think about the people as a larger helpful community rather than an obstacle course for the ugly rat race. 

All people deserve respect.

I mean all people, everybody deserves more of a chance at living an exceeding quality life. There are more people everyday and so many abandoned buildings or places for people to go. I’m sure if there were more resources offered, more people would appreciate it. Which is why we need to start developing in URBAN FARMING in downtown areas or different places among the city. That would create more jobs, food, and shelter for all. 

Correlating with consumerism development, should be an important concept of the growing nature aspect.

That is saving and sharing our lands with the animals. People should create more and save the animal reserves for the sacred life of these creatures. We can have people learn, teach, work, and even view the animals living there. One of the key points that separates us from animals are that people were born with the ability to produce.

People need to look out for other living creatures. Encourage and enlighten each other to grow with unity because the future of the environment needs us..

I hope we are able to share and to protect our Earth peacefully one day.


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