Hi realist:

I know it’s hard to find time in your busy schedules to serve your community but even the small parts help make a difference.

We absolutely need good people to strengthen society starting with one community at a time. It does not only help you learn something new but it builds a safer, stronger community and motivates others to do the same. 😉

Start Small. Every city has a recreation center or town hall and the staff can help point you towards a service to help. If not there is always a city directory website.

I just signed up to be a referee for the cities kids soccer team. Do I know anything about soccer? Nope, but I chose a sport My kid is going to eventually play and felt that I needed to learn. I grounded myself from my Snap-chat until I pass that soccer referee test on Monday since I haven’t yet. 😛


Ripple effects in the universe.

It starts small and leaves a huge impact.  Each of us need to do our part today to plant the seeds for society to blossom tomorrow.

You are more inspirational than you know. When other people see you volunteering they’ll want to help out too.

Try it!



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