Only the Realist:

Have you been working on your goals? Planning and writing them? Short or long term?

I know I need to work on mine…

I get so lost in self doubt and other peoples issues, I forget about my own goals.

Then it gets more difficult when everything starts piling up. More issues and emotions starts to drown me out….


Then you find “that something” that inspires you to snap out of the messy slump that your in.

For me if not a music event, an event that takes place outside around amazing pieces of expressive art.  The picture was taken at “Beyond the Streets” in DTLA, which is an original urban artist collection.

Just attending the event, seeing all of the mixed media concepts, and different skilled artists was truly unique and motivating.

What happen to the goals we wanted before? Do they match up with the person we are today?

People change and life paths develop but have you just given most of your energy into pleasing others? What about you? What about your true passions that you have always wanted to fulfill? Even if it’s a secret or not. 😉

Consider when we were children what did you want to become?

Did you become or get what you wanted? Dreams aren’t always Fancy jobs or material items. It’s how we thrive as better people and start making actual changes.

We need to have goals in order to impressively grow.

I still have plenty of goals to do..


The three index cards are some of my own personal goals. The Bright colors are intended because of my ADHD, it keeps my mind interested. 🙂

One side are the goals itself, the other side is a step by step guide on how to accomplish them. There are many more goals to go but these three are really important to me for the long term journey to make the greener imprint I’ve been talking about.

Have you wrote your goals yet?

Society needs more innovative, impacting concepts so we can help the future of our beautiful planet.








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