World Wide Strength

Hi my Loves:

**Within these rough times of global warming, people seriously need to be more environmentally cautious. It’s hard to give up old habits, but not impossible. A little at a Time! Every single person has to do their part for things to progress. **

This heat is bringing out the emotional side of people causing drastic, humbling moments.

Don’t let lower frequency people damage your entirety. Letting others know that your focus is in all around growth will let them understand you better. This will also show you who your real friends are.

Becoming our more evolved, higher selves includes pushing your own boundaries. Only you know your own limits. 

For an Example,  people have an issue believing physical and “metaphysical” or spiritual, but they are more correlated than people choose to know.

Consider, Chakra  Spiritual Healing, It’s all around aligned healing for the body, spirit, and mind. It Includes colors that represent our higher power vibration in our bodies: Red, Orange,  Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Within each color symbolizes so many meanings spirituality, physicality, ambitions and emotions. They represent the “Wheel” or Circle of life and ROYGBIV which also represents our physical rainbow. Included in Genesis 9:16 the Christian bible, it reflects on God giving us our Rainbow as a covenant between our Divine and living creatures on Earth.

Some people refuse to see that the earth is round or that circles are inevitably infinite.

The sooner people are willing to accept that we are all one and inner connected the sooner we can UNITE! 🙂





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