Beauty in Struggle

Hi Realist:

I hope everybody’s doing good things for their community.


“Life is a beautiful struggle ” – Talib Kweli. He’s a fantastic lyricist that actually inspired me with the title.

Everybody goes through their own struggles in life, that’s why we should always react with an open mind, no more petty judgments.

I started going to these support groups that involve emotions. In the steps for the program they ask the people to amend with the other people they have hurt in the past. I’ve been slowly apologizing to everybody that I can remember hurting or that told me that I hurt them..

I still have more people to apologize to, don’t be surprised if you get a text or a message from me soon.. (awkward, but you know who y’all are)

It’s truly humbling to hear how other people react to our apologies, thank God, I have real friends and family that forgive or can’t remember my past issues also.

I feel that a lot of people owe me an apology too, I can honestly say that I forgive most of them. . It’s difficult to forgive with no apology, when some cuts are too deep.

Self or forgiveness towards others is the honest foundation to healing, emotional, physical wellness, and spiritual growth.


Photo was taken From ‘We Rise LA’

We all have a past, that needs to be fixed, amended, or rebuilt but first we must Admit we are wrong, forgive, and change.

So I ask you, dear Realist, Can you forgive me? Can you forgive yourself? How about the people out there that wronged you, can you forgive them? Put yourself in their shoes, Would you forgive you?

We are all growing slowly, becoming the people we are meant to be. Our Divine puts people in our lives for a reason, it’s all for a purposeful lesson.

There is no reason to be bitter all the time…There’s no point in sinking in misery.

We are all human, we are supposed to feel things, but we should aim to be happy and aim for the best person we can possibly be.

As long as we try to do better, every single day, with improvements, we are encouraging and influencing positive self progression. 🙂


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