Changes from within shine out!

Hi Realest:

It’s time for self improvement and change for everybody. Leo season is time for growth. As soon as you start to make a choice on what it is that you want to improve just do it. If your still not sure, Meditate or Pray on it and you will get the guidance you need.

Please stop judging one another. It’s heart breaking to see empathetic people that are trying there best to grow, when other people keep dragging them down. Its hard to see the judgement, doubt, and negativity put onto thriving people making it incapable for them to grow into their higher selves.

Some people are truly empathetic and don’t realize how sensitive they are, and they take on too much of other peoples’ energy. For my strong empathetic people out there, try your best to ground everyday, and do more Cardio, it does wonders for people with this universal energetic gift. 


Personally, my growth includes needing to be more extroverted. I have become an introvert and I wasn’t always. I have been through painful humbling times and grew stronger from it. Being a Sagittarius sun and a Pisces moon, I have to be more extroverted and become more creative. Although I still have this inner battle, I know now what I am meant to be.. 😉

Do you doubt yourself too much? You should know you are truly special and unique right into the spirit and our DNA.

We can all have many roles and parts in life, it doesn’t have to be just one. There are many roles to play, and developments to make. If there is no reason to, then stop being threatened by other people.  We can all grow together.

Communicate. Some Media tends to lie and start rumors turning real people against each other. Just talk it out: That might have been a soul brother/sister, a kindred spirit, or a soul mate just having a rough day. Honest, open communication is needed to reach our higher selves.

I understand friendly competition but where is the standard in that? When do these judgments start to affect growth and other people around us? Especially, considering empathetic people taking on the pain and hurt from others.

If people want to grow, don’t mock or judge it. Let them be bold and grow. It’s an amazing process we can all learn from.. We can motivate and offer help to those that need it. Change is hard, sympathy is always appreciated.

Self growth is important. Try to help the planet while developing into your higher self.  Our planet will be very grateful. 🙂

Self improvements are individual but influential when shared. So inspire others by sharing your improvements. 

Remember:  We are all incredibly blessed.



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