Smile and Share Our Air

Hi Realest:

So, I live in the county of Los Angeles which is a beautiful place. Even with the variety of beaches, sunshine, gorgeous people, and Hollywood studded scenery, it dawned on me recently: Hows our Air Quality in L.A? I love to meditate but it’s been harder for me to breathe and stay focused.

As it turns out, the L.A Air Quality is rough due to many pollutant factors, that are mainly out in the summer time. We don’t realize how harsh it is to us physically, until we start coughing and wheezing out of nowhere.

There are branches in the Government trying to fix it with solar energy, replacing fuels, and other chemicals. Collectively, we all have to put in an effort to progress for the future of humanity. 

The more we understand, the easier it will be to change. Here’s a helpful link for us all to use: 

Share OUR AIR! 😉

^ These simple steps will help our future.


Let’s bring the city’s smiles and laughter by helping each other live our most quality lives. 

We have got to take care of our Mother by reducing our carbon foot print, recycling, better choices, and enlightening others.

Try to help others by showing them that loving energy exist by smiling and by showing simple acts of kindness. A little bit of kindness goes along way.

Have a fun week everybody!







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