Make Earth a Priority

Hey Loves,

Virgo Season is coming up and it’s our Earth Elemental sign. This season is one of purity, production, kindness, honesty, and ‘Mother’ love. We need to put more time into our choices to  help our planets future.

We can’t control what Wrong Choices other people make, but we can tell them, and hopefully they’ll learn and fix it. Some adults still have an immature mindset and make wrong decisions on purpose. It’s probably because most people are too scared to tell them, which is also in a way a childish way of thinking…

How do you expect them to learn if you don’t tell them they are wrong?

Not saying anything to them and telling somebody else is just like ‘ugly gossiping’. There is no need for that, just communicate your issues in an honest,  nice way….

We can’t just let people keep doing the wrong thing all the time… Maybe their from a different country and don’t know the laws, maybe you should warn them.. Maybe it’s a language or a cultural barrier that they don’t understand…

I try to follow this rule: If it hurts me or somebody else then it’s wrong. 

One of the best customer service representatives at a Denver Car Rental said, “To get Respect you have to give it.” That stuck with me because we can never predict tomorrow, so treat everybody with respect. Even if they are rude, we all have good and bad days. You never know, they may have lost somebody that day or it could be their last day…

At least you can say you tried. 😉 I , personally thank you because I know it’s hard to try to be pleasant all the time, especially around negative energy.

Just communicate with each other, maybe they’ll fix it…. Or maybe they’re a sociopath,  in that case RUN!!!!! J.K.

The point is at least you did your part in societal progression which is an amazingly, heroic quality and God knows we need more Selfless Leaders to save our planet.

astronomy cosmic cosmos dark
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Do you think you’ve done your part in the Earths healing process? What have you done to make things better?

Encourage more positive, productive choices that lead to help the planet. She’s our home, our soil, and our Mother after all.  😉


Thanks!! 🙂







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