Team Earth

Hi Realest:

My fault, I’m not perfect at all I have hella flaws. I’ll admit it: Just ask me!  I’m still learning and working everyday, just trying my best to keep up. So, I was recently diagnosed with Chorea, and I’m getting genetically tested for Huntington’s and instead of panicking and having anxiety about it, I chose to accept it. I need to redirect that energy to healing, living happily while helping the planet, and toward finding a cure.

Keeping the hopes up and truly kind, good people is what’s motivating me to keep waking up in the morning. For those people that have been selfless and genuinely helpful. Thank you, people like you are completely rare, we need more Good Examples like you here on this planet. It takes a lot for people to keep helping without asking for anything back, I truly believe people like this deserve an award, extra love and generosity… 

THANK YOU, for those people always going beyond their own egos and helping everyone they can. God Bless you.

We all have a role to play to better the environment and to heal Earth. Whats your role?


Is it in the people and caring for others?  The oceans and marine  biology? Air quality and air pollution? Global Warming? Agriculture?

Or Animals and their close link to the survival of all that is in nature?

Being close to the animals brings out the best in people, we become more aware of the Earth and more intuited with nature… Most people don’t understand this concept because they  choose to keep following the masses..

The bias issues people have are their own personal, surfaced issues they project on others..  Choosing to believe the shallow proves people are still too scared to change..

We can teach them different, we can all change, but the willingness to better themselves is up to them…

We have got to stop all of this close mindedness. Start Growing into Open Mindfulness. 

Find your Earthly Role and share it! Our Mother is calling us to heal her!

Thanks for Reading !

Sowing Knowledge…

flight landscape nature sky
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