Animals Unite

Hey realest:

This is what having our online  platform  is about: Sharing something you love and passionately care about.

If I’m not spending my time writing, or working, then i’m in school learning about different types of animals. Sharing knowledge and  love for animals is the most ethical decision that I am interested in…. I find that….

Every living creature is unique and each symbolizes a message from the Divine.

snow winter outside cute
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What is the purpose for hunting?  Why are Humans still okay with animal cruelty??

How would you feel to be Hunted? Or eaten? They are constantly being taken from their families, being fed garbage and each other for a selfish, evil pursuit…

Not only are you eating unsafe chemicals, your eating a mother, father, baby….

A soul.

Animals help people become better in every way. Humans are meant to produce, not to kill.

We are slowly awakening,  growing, and uniting with a purpose to help  our own species, but we are all on this planet as one.

So why treat these living creatures with disrespect?

Please help each other by helping animals.  Start spreading the Love, and share the message. We need to unite in Nature and accordance to all creatures that are apart of the Mother! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

This is a powerful group that educates, organizes and creates movement:

Animal Alliance


cold nature bird animal
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