Earn your Quality tiME

Hey loves:

We are all so busy with work, or school, or parenting (Or if your like me, all three!) and still trying to find quality personal time.

Whenever we notice life gets too imbalanced, we need to center ourselves.

Through Quiet Meditation we can actually find  and listen to our inner self (spirit). It’s only then that we can find our true calling and separate what we Need with what we Want.

Hopefully what we need doesn’t interfere with what we want. (For Impulsive people like myself, it happens almost all of the time…)

There are a few steps that goes along with “Goal Oriented, Open Mindfulness Meditation”:

  1.  Have a Purpose.
  2.  Start in a Quiet place.
  3.  Close your eyes.
  4.  Patiently Take Only Deep Long Breathes .
  5.  Keep Breathing until your Completely Zen .
  6. When you reach the Peaceful Place you can then Visualize your Goals.
  7.  After your inner ambitions are displayed, while still in the meditative state, Ask your self a few questions.  For an example: What steps do you have to take to  get there? What events or people keep distracting you from your goals?
  8.  Wake up and Get there!
  9.  Write a list if you don’t have a good memory. (Like Me.) Write out a “Main goal”. Underneath it write sub categories such as “Needs”, “Wants”, and “Distractions”.
  10.  Turn your needs into a “To Do list.”
  11. Make it happen! Anything’s possible..

If “Distractions” are your “wants”, then you can find away to do what you “need” to do first, then earn your “want”. It’s also testing your will.

For an example, Number games or social media is a BIG “Distraction”  and possibly under the “want” category. Everyone wants to see lovely pictures on social media and to escape, that’s fine too but don’t take it too seriously.. We cannot keep relying on people on social media to be able to expand your mind, because they’re scrapping others original concepts… I’m not trying to knock it, but certain people will hide behind the screen and lie all day, it’s insecurely disgusting..  Don’t let it take away from your life goals.

We all have a strong  mind, don’t let bombs of distraction leave your brain scattered.. 

After you find your purpose and plan your goals, that’s When the Reward comes!!

Self love, or personal time, is your reward, It’s hard for some people to get out of that doubtful phase so if you make it that far then you deserve something wonderful!

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