Life Melody

Hey Realest:

Sorry for being late, having technical and personal issues.. Weird right? Whenever people have an actual, honest, opinion about anything, we get more fake “labels” on us from other’s.

Why do some people label each other and put each other down?

Hmm, Maybe they are insecure about their own truth or they REALLY, like the attention, or they think following the pack will bring an award.

What Real Award comes from hurting others???

I understand that we shouldn’t take things too personal but we are all human keep that in mind. Everybody’s different, which means we will have mellow days and rough ones..

I try not to act out of Pure Emotion, but sometimes we just need to express how we feel. I know it’s hard for most people to do: To express your honesty, open mindedness and kindness all with a perfect balance..

It’s difficult to find a perfect melodic harmony of being purely honest, staying kind, and listening to other peoples reactions. Sometimes just taking deep breathes before spilling out random words and figuring out which Message to share.  I don’t mean to say Hold back, because it’s not being truthful to yourself!  Just breathe 2-3 times before and think  before you speak, patience with other’s reactions is important…

They may just be having a sensitive day.

I have been wrong many times before, wherein it was misinterpreted, it could’ve been avoided by simply speaking slower, or breathing three times before I spoke.

Finding a balance with what you need, want, and what other’s want from you, is another challenge. Remember, last week we found the difference between what we need, want, and distractions from our goals?

Are the concepts of wants and needs coming from your inner self or from others?

Are other people influencing your decisions? What kind of impact are these people having on your Life Goals? 

Remember what your goals are, don’t let other’s negatively influence you to stray away from your ambitions.  If you have too many goals, that’s okay too (I know I do) but handle it one at a time.. 🙂

Encourage each other to reach for your higher selves so that we can All become Whole. 

**Pray that people will be their best versions of themselves and for our planet. 

Bainbridge Island

I took this picture in the charming town of Bainbridge Island while waiting for the Ferry, off the coast of Beautifully, “Inspiring Seattle.”

There is Art that lays in the Washington Trees, 

The Pacific Northwest mixed with an Alaskan breeze,

The liveliness in a humble, beautiful, sea city, 

Where the people are real and the ocean is picture pretty,  

The cold woods, the sail boats crossing, in a dark mystery,

Musically, Artistically, the Sun setting in Seattle inspires me. 


Thanks for Reading.



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