Hey Realest:


We need to listen to each other because life is a challenging test for EVERYBODY. We are all going through our own issues. Every part of our being is a symbol of the Divine. (So represent it well.)

Whether or not you have been mislead, we are all interconnected. We all have a complex purpose and can enlighten one another. Some people have a difficult time communicating or expressing their truth.

Is it because they’re afraid of being judged? If you didn’t hurt anybody than why be scared? Your not a criminal, your not on trial.

I see many wise and righteous people out there that have so much to offer the world, but they end up doubting themselves and talking themselves out of great ideas.

To these potential, powerful leaders:

Please, no more self doubt, instead love yourself. Speak up with confidence even if your wrong, you can always be corrected, at least your polarity will become positive because you got your message relayed.

Whenever you doubt yourself, you become insecure and your spiritual energy becomes negative and your magnetism will eventually attract evil or negative energy.

For years, I was traumatized from being sexually assaulted, depressed, and self defeating all the time, which made me seem like such a “drama queen.”  Deepening with the darkness of misery and feelings of shame by some of the people I care about, it was difficult to move pass this. My own misery was transitioning into a harsh reality..

Until I got help, started praying, and then eventually thrived on. I stopped doubting myself, started self loving, getting stronger, and laughing more..

Here and there Ill drink too many and  have a good cry but there’s no shame in crying sometimes. Self-Love is so important to the spirit, mind, and body it grows into the essence of nature.

Even though some people may think I’m ‘being rude’ or ‘cocky’, I’m going to still do my thing whether those judgmental people react well to it or not.

Every now and then you’ll see me laughing randomly, because life is meant to be lived fully, happily, lovingly, and freely. That’s how I express myself with laughter, writing, music, and photography. 🙂

Don’t you want to make the most out of your life? (Whether simple or not.)

Positively Happy or Negatively Angry?  

Negative people try to spread negativity and Hate to everyone because their drowning and they want others to drown with them. Think of negative energy like a contagion and how it’s starts Spreading all over misleading people with falsification.

You can try to help people as much as possible but what good can we do if they don’t want to change and we become negative too?

We are all equal, born with the divine soul and how we share the messages is through love and speaking with confidence. We can create positive, energy that can be shared and sewed for the future. 

Think about your influence and it’s effect on everybody..

Open your mind and ask yourself:

Which way do you want to live?

If you were going to die tonight, would you say you’ve tried your absolute best to live up to your higher self?

Its a two way street, that can go either way.. I hope you all choose to live your happiest, fullest life! **

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.. 😉

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