Harsh realities

Hey loves,

I needed to spill my feelings before I regret not writing anything and doing anything at all… I’ve never been good at closure, or saying goodbyes.. It’s “funny” how praying for higher alignment brings harsh realities, no I’m not mad, more uncomfortable and dizzy (thanks to C.K.D). I understand it’s all apart of the divine spiritual process.

We need to actually feel things since we are human, we have to let it out, but for the most part I try not to take things too personal.. Reactions are what counts.. In other words, feel emotions..

Emotions are REAL but take a deep breath and take your time to respond to your feelings. A lot of people talk too much, or get into accidents, or troubles’ that could have been avoided all because they were too emotional about something.  If your going to be emotional express it in a beautiful way through dancing, singing, cooking, writing, filming, drawing, or other creative endeavors.

Presently, I keep my feelings to myself, but my broken heart is something I have to express before I can grow from this stagnancy. .

Being honest is painful but it’s the only way for me to align with my higher self…

This is my way of venting..



Bradley… 🙂

I can never hate you even though we ended so badly,

I will always have a spot in my heart for you Bradley,

We aren’t building or growing together,

We never said our love would last forever,

You wanted us to be who we were before,

I could never go back to having my soul impure,

It hurts the spirit trying to be something your not,

Just for the fear that someones gonna take your spot,

Before my dad died, you kept the promises to him true,

Thanks for taking care of me I will always appreciate you,

But now we both have to do better for us,

I need to heal before I can love and trust,

Bradley, you deserve the stars, you deserve artistic, deep love and more,

I will always remember the beautiful moments that I will forever adore,

Seven years with you have been so fun, but full of moments of pain,

Loving me till I’m numb,  your passiveness is what drove me insane,

I learned so much while being with you, at this point, I just want you to be happy,

I gave you the best years,  lost myself, and Now I need to Find the Best of Me…

I can never thank you enough for everything you are, I’m grateful for you, Bradley*


Blinded by young love est 2012


Thanks for reading..

4 thoughts on “Harsh realities”

  1. That’s beautiful my love. I’m glad that you see the great things that came from this chapter of your life. As long as you don’t give up, things always get better. That’s what I’ve learned from my past relationships. Glad to see you get so personal about this, I know it wasn’t easy but it does help me to see that I wasn’t the only one that has went through a tough breakup. Hang in there dear.


    1. Thank you for reading!
      It’s a vulnerable time. It’s hard for me to express my emotions, but i do appreciate your kind comment. Your words are like expressive embraces. I appreciate your sweetness and glad I can help! 🙂


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