God Over Everything

God over Everything

We know the devil is a liar,

God takes us higher,

Than any problem, person, or anything,

Put Him first, God over everything,

He makes all things possible,

He’s the most High, purely unstoppable,

While most get stuck chasing the hate,

His people are guided by His love and fate,

He took me as I am, broken and now healing,

Gods love goes deeper than just any feeling.


Dedicated to my savior and His people.


Heyyyy to the Realest:

Thank you for being patient with my slow aa!! 🙂



These past weeks have been harsh with Deaths, saturation in the media, and Unrighteous Leaders that want control. (While hard-working citizens have a difficult time and can’t pay for basic bills or feed their families.)

What’s going on with our System?

We are all human, we should all be treated with respect not for how much we earn but for the love we have for each other…

“The System” tries to keep US in FEAR, backwards, and distracted.. It’s been working.

Truthfully, we are all just another number to them. 


It’s breaking my heart that they tear our Mother into pieces: For What Purpose?

She’s our home, she gifts with nutrients,  blesses us with true beauty,  where we were first Born and where we last Die. We are taught by our Native Sisters to keep her Spirits alive, by our saviors to teach, to unconditionally love her and each other. 


Global warming is hurting us faster than ever.. We can’t let it sink Philippines Islands or any other land. Stop all of the wicked influences, it’s time to wake up! We have got to save our planet.

We need to take Action, a Real Movement, Positive Influence for an actual chance for the future.. 

Every minute of truth can be brought to our attention if we stretch our minds and stop being so close minded. We can support, be open minded, and actually grow peacefully.

We are all blessed to be alive, so show some gratitude toward the divine.


Diwata Flow

Be sweet and Real, its a must,

Save our mother and the people we trust,

No more Fear,  or doubt Just love, 

Thank the one Divine God up above, 

To the People show some gratitude, 

Let go of jealousy and attitude, 

No more lies, and hate, 

We can ALL grow to create,

Drop knowledge and let each other speak

We can learn instead of being dry, BE bleak. 

Thanks for reading!!

Inspired by the kind people I’m thankful for and Kalabayan Spirit. 🙂





Free, Fiery, and Fear-Less

Hi my Loves:

I apologize for the late posts.. I’ll try not to let it happen again, and if it does Ill slap myself three times on the face for my readers. Ahh, The things I do for y’all.. 🙂

Creatively, I become my fullest, free, fierce self at night. I feel inspired to write, sing, (even off ) at night, and I keep having more hilarious moments. The Piscean moon energy just floods my mind, body, spirit with creative juice and I have to write it down.

I am blessed to be waking up to My Sun in Sagittarius with an optimistic perspective.  Although, I love seeing the sun shining on the flowers in the morning; I can’t help but feel that being awake that early for work or school is part of a systematic routine that humans have a hard time shaking off.

Where do you become creatively alive? Is it when you can see the Moon light hitting that magical angle among the stars? Or when the Sun feeds life into our Mothers soil?

What’s your art? Create during the time you feel more aligned! It’ll be worth the try.

We all have busy days and nights but it’s always important to express yourself as an individual. We are lucky to just be alive and coherent. Don’t forget it, pass the good vibes forward. 🙂


This season is a powerful one for Creative Expressions, So I urge you, Go for it! Ignite your Creative Spark with this Fiery,  Fierce Leo energy.

Step out of that Fear, doubt, judgement, by yourself or others. Don’t let yourself sink in that quick sand of negativity.

That always instills more fear and anxiety. If you have to be angry and run it out, then do so. Meditate or Pray and I urge you to create a piece. Watch it grow.

If you need more motivation “Contact me” through the tab, I’d be happy to help. Just leave your email for me to reply to.

Don’t let yourself ever be brought down by anybody. It’s Your time to shine. Don’t miss that “Sun” opportunity!

Thanks for reading!