Patience Prayers

Hey Realest:

I’ve been tested and distracted this week by some influential people with tainted hearts and closed minds.  Some manipulative people can cause pain, which can cause hurtful situations, which need to be known, then healed, and learned from.

I Pray for patience and healing. I also pray that people are more patient with me when I don’t understand something; that we as humans can all be patient with each other, and to try harder to understand one another.

Having Full faith in God, Forgiving those that hurt you, but staying away from the negative influence is helpful for your own development. We don’t need to soak in bitterness, anger, envy, or sadness, when God provided other Real, honest, people in life, that are positively encouraging.

Magnifying somebody’s wrongs doesn’t make it right. Everyone has their own problems, people DO NOT need somebody to pick apart their lives unless we ask you to do so. You can’t force your issues on anybody else. Spying, lying, hating, and bullying all are disgustingly obsessive issues. Just talking about peoples problems without even trying to help them is not logical nor needed, so why do it? We can’t keep having these high expectations forced on people, it’s not helping, that’s just asking to be let down..

It results in people becoming more impatient and frustrated with the imbalanced situation. (For an example, why are the gossips always complaining about the drunks,  or the drunks on the smokers..  When they all sin equally) We cannot condemn people for choosing their freewill, but we can react righteously by offering help, or neutrally by staying away when refused.

Creating Rumors is assisting in evil acts. We can’t just go bashing each other with unkind labels and gossip because you can really hurt peoples’ growth and careers.  (This happen to me.) People that do this can be sued for libel, slander or defamation of character.  It’s simply unethical. So walk away, don’t say words that will get you in trouble, and don’t feed the Devil…

**Remember we are all Fighting in this one world together..

Always open your mind to the other’s perspective. When we try to put ourselves in their shoes, we realize that the other person has some personal battles just like us. We don’t need to destroy each other, that’s just what ‘they’ want,  is to keep us divided. Realize it, Fix your own imbalances, pray for patience, and believe God will provide you with what you need.




Patience Prayers.

Prayers for patience is needed,

To the One, Divine, God we pleaded,

For us internationally, not to be divided,

We can only progress by being united,

We need the generational curses to be lifted,

To have a beautiful future and have the stigma shifted,

I  will continue to protect and pray,

For our children to be saved everyday.


Dedicated to Jesus, and my encouraging friends.. ūüôā




























The Real Me.

Hey loves:

I’ve been going through it. The rough feels of the break up, school, work, being disappointed, and figuring out who I am. The entirety of the process!

I usually try to keep it sugarcoated but today, if I sound bitter, I don’t apologize, I’m being ‘too honest’. I find there are many shady, shallow, haters or “mice” along with some rare wise, sweet, or honest and quality people. The worlds population is increasing in persona, but does anyone even really know who they are? If they do, are they doing there part to help society? (Without other’s telling them who and what to be.)

We are each here for our own pure purpose and everything else that doesn’t answer Yes to the questions is a negative distraction to guide us away from our Light:¬†

Does ‘the persona’ match with who they actually are? Does it align with there true purpose?¬†Are they sending a valuable, teaching, funny, healing, positive, or a loving message?¬†

If not, whats the point?¬†We don’t need it!

I don’t want to hurt anybody but it’s apart of the spiritual process to help others, while expressing honesty through creativity, prayers, and blessings.

Where are we guiding the future? Is it preparing our children to accomplish goals or better humanity or the planet? Or are we programming our children to follow the masses? I love my country, but I know we are guilty of controlled conditioning. People are starting to wake up (thank God!) and envision the world of higher alignment and peace.

When I actually do have the time to write I put my whole heart into my words. All of my emotions included, the happy, angry, and sad are all here. This is who I am.  Beyond the physical changing appearance, beyond labels, beyond finances, or stigmas, or misinterpretations, this is the real me.

Who is the real you?? 


The Real Me. 

My heart is still healing from being broken, 

Went from the American Dream to now woken, 

I’m making choices and now I’m even more confused,¬†

I have to pay the bills, so the ‘program’ can’t be refused,¬†

I’m still in school hurting and learning,

Pure knowledge is what I’ve been yearning,¬†

Through education my power is able to exercise, 

Apart of my inspired soul challenges to rise,  

“An all around writer” has flourished to be,¬†

 Call it fate, Gods destiny, this is the real me.

I pray for my true friends, family, and the people that read with an open mind. This maybe just a simple blog to others but it’s truly me spilling myself with words and communicating to the world since I’m usually too busy. Thanks for taking the time out to read.¬† God Bless!!

Animals Unite

Hey realest:

This is what having our online  platform  is about: Sharing something you love and passionately care about.

If I’m not spending my time writing, or working, then i’m in school learning about different types of animals. Sharing knowledge and¬† love for animals is the most ethical decision that I am interested in…. I find that….

Every living creature is unique and each symbolizes a message from the Divine.

snow winter outside cute
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What is the purpose for hunting?  Why are Humans still okay with animal cruelty??

How would you feel to be Hunted? Or eaten? They are constantly being taken from their families, being fed garbage and each other for a selfish, evil pursuit…

Not only are you eating unsafe chemicals, your eating a mother, father, baby….

A soul.

Animals help people become better in every way. Humans are meant to produce, not to kill.

We are slowly awakening,  growing, and uniting with a purpose to help  our own species, but we are all on this planet as one.

So why treat these living creatures with disrespect?

Please help each other by helping animals.¬† Start spreading the Love, and share the message. We need to unite in Nature and accordance to all creatures that are apart of the Mother! ūüôā

Thanks for reading!

This is a powerful group that educates, organizes and creates movement:

Animal Alliance


cold nature bird animal
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Summer Time Sweetness

Hey Real Peoples!

Happy June! Hopefully everyone’s having a wonderful summer and getting into the friendly sunlit spirit of humanitarianism.

This maybe difficult for most that are taught to be selfish but that can change. No, it’s not too late. We should show true kindheartedness and generosity and it will expand through example.¬† This is a demanding time for us to be honest and sympathetic to one another…

People are feeding into negativity by writing, reacting, and speaking with “garbage words” without a purpose. Their giving into evil slander and lies. Gossipers need to realize every word we say or write is a personal choice and it negatively affects everybody including them. Children are the most impacted through disruption of emotional development, so please, choose words wisely.

We don’t¬† know everything. Everyone has their own inner struggles so give them time and offer help.¬†

Instead of being “Shady” and stating lies out of anger or sadness try to run more or do other cardio work outs to increase the endorphins “happiness hormones” in your brain and nervous system. Through physical activities, meditations or prayers, and creative works we are determined to advance with lively influential spirits.

We, yes me too, should practice speaking and writing with genuine words that intend to unite people.¬†Make wiser¬†choices and reach our higher selves with true character and friendly words.¬†Let’s create more positive intentions for beautiful creative ambitions. We have to be better leaders for the future.

When I write and encourage people the light from within me glows and causes jubilation. I hope everyone realizes their here for an important reason; knows their true purpose, and how much of an impact we each leave in the universe.

Everything Counts. Realize we are all connected. 


Smile ūüėČ Your gorgeous!

Thanks for reading, I am truly grateful for the support.


Save the planets future

Hi Good peoples:

“Love Mom” is May’s theme, lets pay closer attention to our natural fundamentals. As beautiful as life is we are limiting our resources by not being fully aware of the earths needs. It’s a difficult time for our earths atmosphere, but instead of focusing on the problem, we should start changing our perspective to the solution. We would ALL¬† have to participate and make better choices for our future.

We are still learning how and what exactly is harmful for the environment and if we use some of the knowledge we remember before we shop we can make little differences everyday, everybody’s choices and every little bit counts.

“Recycle, Reuse, no more Earth abuse!! **”¬†


My boyfriend found a creative way to reuse his cans for his paint brushes. My son uses cans as pencil holders. If we don’t reuse it,¬† let’s try to recycle them.

Make sure to teach children that Earths necessities lies in their hands and Start growing the seeds of knowledge for our future. Change is not going to happen over night but let’s start changing today for a promised tomorrow.

We can do this, for “Mother’s Sake.”

Here’s a list of things I recently found out is harmful for our environment:

10 things that are killing the environment

(One Green Planet is an environmentally educational, progressive website, CHECK IT OUT )

Thanks for Reading.