The Real Me.

Hey loves:

I’ve been going through it. The rough feels of the break up, school, work, being disappointed, and figuring out who I am. The entirety of the process!

I usually try to keep it sugarcoated but today, if I sound bitter, I don’t apologize, I’m being ‘too honest’. I find there are many shady, shallow, haters or “mice” along with some rare wise, sweet, or honest and quality people. The worlds population is increasing in persona, but does anyone even really know who they are? If they do, are they doing there part to help society? (Without other’s telling them who and what to be.)

We are each here for our own pure purpose and everything else that doesn’t answer Yes to the questions is a negative distraction to guide us away from our Light: 

Does ‘the persona’ match with who they actually are? Does it align with there true purpose? Are they sending a valuable, teaching, funny, healing, positive, or a loving message? 

If not, whats the point? We don’t need it!

I don’t want to hurt anybody but it’s apart of the spiritual process to help others, while expressing honesty through creativity, prayers, and blessings.

Where are we guiding the future? Is it preparing our children to accomplish goals or better humanity or the planet? Or are we programming our children to follow the masses? I love my country, but I know we are guilty of controlled conditioning. People are starting to wake up (thank God!) and envision the world of higher alignment and peace.

When I actually do have the time to write I put my whole heart into my words. All of my emotions included, the happy, angry, and sad are all here. This is who I am.  Beyond the physical changing appearance, beyond labels, beyond finances, or stigmas, or misinterpretations, this is the real me.

Who is the real you?? 


The Real Me. 

My heart is still healing from being broken, 

Went from the American Dream to now woken, 

I’m making choices and now I’m even more confused, 

I have to pay the bills, so the ‘program’ can’t be refused, 

I’m still in school hurting and learning,

Pure knowledge is what I’ve been yearning, 

Through education my power is able to exercise, 

Apart of my inspired soul challenges to rise,  

“An all around writer” has flourished to be, 

 Call it fate, Gods destiny, this is the real me.

I pray for my true friends, family, and the people that read with an open mind. This maybe just a simple blog to others but it’s truly me spilling myself with words and communicating to the world since I’m usually too busy. Thanks for taking the time out to read.  God Bless!!

Make Earth a Priority

Hey Loves,

Virgo Season is coming up and it’s our Earth Elemental sign. This season is one of purity, production, kindness, honesty, and ‘Mother’ love. We need to put more time into our choices to  help our planets future.

We can’t control what Wrong Choices other people make, but we can tell them, and hopefully they’ll learn and fix it. Some adults still have an immature mindset and make wrong decisions on purpose. It’s probably because most people are too scared to tell them, which is also in a way a childish way of thinking…

How do you expect them to learn if you don’t tell them they are wrong?

Not saying anything to them and telling somebody else is just like ‘ugly gossiping’. There is no need for that, just communicate your issues in an honest,  nice way….

We can’t just let people keep doing the wrong thing all the time… Maybe their from a different country and don’t know the laws, maybe you should warn them.. Maybe it’s a language or a cultural barrier that they don’t understand…

I try to follow this rule: If it hurts me or somebody else then it’s wrong. 

One of the best customer service representatives at a Denver Car Rental said, “To get Respect you have to give it.” That stuck with me because we can never predict tomorrow, so treat everybody with respect. Even if they are rude, we all have good and bad days. You never know, they may have lost somebody that day or it could be their last day…

At least you can say you tried. 😉 I , personally thank you because I know it’s hard to try to be pleasant all the time, especially around negative energy.

Just communicate with each other, maybe they’ll fix it…. Or maybe they’re a sociopath,  in that case RUN!!!!! J.K.

The point is at least you did your part in societal progression which is an amazingly, heroic quality and God knows we need more Selfless Leaders to save our planet.

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Do you think you’ve done your part in the Earths healing process? What have you done to make things better?

Encourage more positive, productive choices that lead to help the planet. She’s our home, our soil, and our Mother after all.  😉


Thanks!! 🙂