Heart check

Hey realest:

Happy New Years! 2020! (What, Already.. )

I’ve been going through it. Instead of dwelling on my rough patch I’m focusing on the end goals. I’m honestly just happy that I made it this far, by His grace.

Everyone has there own way of developing, no body who is original has the same process. Let it be, wise and free. 😉

We all have different phases through out life, don’t forget it.

Instead of minimizing people, help and pray for them so you can be blessed and gifted with gratitude. Judging and gossiping just interrupts growth and creates drift. It’s also mean and immature. I’d rebuke it in Jesus name.

We all do this sometimes, we shouldn’t. It all comes back to you universally. We should go into the New Years with an improved perspective in every aspect.

I hope everybody has a great start to a new decade and is aligned with God through their higher self.

Start the New Years living, thinking, and breathing Godly!

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

Heart Check.

Check your heart, mind, body, and soul,

Walking with Jesus, swaggin’ on this stroll,

For His people, the Lord will always provide,

With free will, It’s on you to decide,

With my words I’m meant to create and inspire,

I pray that Gods people will have their hearts deepest desire,

He guides us up when we’re feeling down,

What was once lost, He has now found.

Dedicated to God and His people.*

O-M-G it’s 2020!! (<-For my sister)

Speak with Love

Speak with love!

We don’t need anymore negative distractions,

Speak with love for unstoppable positive reactions,

Throw the past and fix the present for the future we should reflect,

Learn from Him, His true people we should respect,

In His beautiful eyes, We are all perfect.



Dedicated to Jesus, the realest and godly peoples!

Division is control

Hey  Realest:

I’m sorry for the delay… Maybe I’m slightly over programmed.. maybe not.. :/

Honestly, with difficulties learning in school, being a mom, and balancing work its been difficult to keep a strict schedule. Ill try to make it work as much as I can, but I’m only human for now. 😉

As you already know, “No Body’s Perfect,” like an amazing lyricist, J. Cole said.

Those that are rude, unoriginal, haters, and have time to sit and judge everybody else, let’s just call them “Mice.” (Animal mice are quite cute so sorry little mice.)

These “mice” are being paid to control and divide everything else with their Negative Influence. They are being sponsored by, let’s call them, “Sociopaths,” that can’t do their own work. You know who I’m writing about.. I shouldn’t have to list it.. If you have a question, ill answer it.

People that these “mice” bring down are telling the truth about hidden layers and secretive filters. These mice have a mass influence on everyone. Real people, we are stronger than that. We can listen to the influence, but how we react makes the difference.

“They” want us to fight, divide, as they laugh, while regular people kill each other off. That’s how “they” control us, at our most vulnerable.

The “Mice” are smart, but straight SOLD OUT. They gave in, being little piper puppets for these Evil “Sociopaths.” Who can’t even do anything by themselves. Is it pure coward, or is it because their horns are showing past a certain time? Where are they?

I’m a Hawk I’ll eat those “Mice”. 😉

No, just kidding I’m plant based, but I have questions on why they’re killing our mother, spreading lies, controlling the media, and more..

These “Mice” used to be regular, good people.  What the @#$* happened to them?? I pray to God, that they will find their way.

If the Divine saves them will their be peace again? Could we heal our mother and stop being distracted? Could we all help each other and be Truly free?

We are all people and we make odd choices sometimes, I just hope that they can change for the better.

I will continue to pray for their wondering souls and for peace.

I would love to listen to their Purpose for doing all the damage that they do. I hope it’s not all physical or material based, because money is temporary but “Your Soul is forever.”

If you have any questions or comments you can always contact me on:


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World Wide Strength

Hi my Loves:

**Within these rough times of global warming, people seriously need to be more environmentally cautious. It’s hard to give up old habits, but not impossible. A little at a Time! Every single person has to do their part for things to progress. **

This heat is bringing out the emotional side of people causing drastic, humbling moments.

Don’t let lower frequency people damage your entirety. Letting others know that your focus is in all around growth will let them understand you better. This will also show you who your real friends are.

Becoming our more evolved, higher selves includes pushing your own boundaries. Only you know your own limits. 

For an Example,  people have an issue believing physical and “metaphysical” or spiritual, but they are more correlated than people choose to know.

Consider, Chakra  Spiritual Healing, It’s all around aligned healing for the body, spirit, and mind. It Includes colors that represent our higher power vibration in our bodies: Red, Orange,  Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Within each color symbolizes so many meanings spirituality, physicality, ambitions and emotions. They represent the “Wheel” or Circle of life and ROYGBIV which also represents our physical rainbow. Included in Genesis 9:16 the Christian bible, it reflects on God giving us our Rainbow as a covenant between our Divine and living creatures on Earth.

Some people refuse to see that the earth is round or that circles are inevitably infinite.

The sooner people are willing to accept that we are all one and inner connected the sooner we can UNITE! 🙂





Save the planets future

Hi Good peoples:

“Love Mom” is May’s theme, lets pay closer attention to our natural fundamentals. As beautiful as life is we are limiting our resources by not being fully aware of the earths needs. It’s a difficult time for our earths atmosphere, but instead of focusing on the problem, we should start changing our perspective to the solution. We would ALL  have to participate and make better choices for our future.

We are still learning how and what exactly is harmful for the environment and if we use some of the knowledge we remember before we shop we can make little differences everyday, everybody’s choices and every little bit counts.

“Recycle, Reuse, no more Earth abuse!! **” 


My boyfriend found a creative way to reuse his cans for his paint brushes. My son uses cans as pencil holders. If we don’t reuse it,  let’s try to recycle them.

Make sure to teach children that Earths necessities lies in their hands and Start growing the seeds of knowledge for our future. Change is not going to happen over night but let’s start changing today for a promised tomorrow.

We can do this, for “Mother’s Sake.”

Here’s a list of things I recently found out is harmful for our environment:

10 things that are killing the environment

(One Green Planet is an environmentally educational, progressive website, CHECK IT OUT )

Thanks for Reading.