Peace Please

To the realest :

Live in peace and harmony, it’s what our saviors wanted. For all of us to love, learn, be grateful and live up to our higher selves.

We all have our own issues but we can’t keep taking it out on each other.

This anger and rage that people have towards one another, has got to be dealt with in a healthy way. We are human, feelings are normal but how we express those feelings is what we need to pay attention to.

If you need to Vent it out, do what you need to do but please, no more Abuse or hurting Each other. That’s what “they” want, for the people to conform and to lessen in numbers.

 Don’t give in because We are Born to stand out..

Try to Stress Less, step away for 30 mins to an hour and do what makes you happy:

Whether it’s Running, Zumba, Yoga, Drawing, Singing, biking,  hiking, crafting, white river rafting, or Rapping. These activities are known to release stress, clear your mind,  or raise your endorphins.  (I don’t recommend drinking unless your mentally in a good place.)

Step out for a second, ground and get your quality Activity time however long you need to..  Trust yourself, enjoy the moment, then you’ll feel better, we deserve some quality time to clear our mental space. Stress and sadness can be temporary, take a “breather,” we can choose to be happy.



 Peace Please. 

Preach it to your sister and brother, 

No more hurting or killing each other,

Represent love through God and the Mother, 

We all have a reason to be,  

We work hard, to live free, 

We All deserve to be happy,

Divine gifted us with this life to know love, 

Not to conform, not to push, or shove, 

To show what your soul is truly made of,

Forgive, have mercy, and have fun, 

Smile peacefully under the bright sun, 

Love all because in the end we are one. 


To everybody that was involved with the shootings and CA fires,  this goes to you guys.. My deep condolences and heart felt prayers to you all…

Thanks for reading Real ones!




Find your MEaning

Hi Real Ones:

Its been a difficult time for most people, our Earth is speaking to us. Her heart is breaking. Even with difficulties all over the place we could pray and care for her more. Our Divine put us on this planet for our own distinct reasons not to destruct, but to thrive and excel in our own light. Collectively speaking, everybody should encourage progress because nothing will change until we ALL do our part. 


As cliche as it sounds, we are all here for a Greater purpose. If you don’t know what yours is yet, it’s okay, pray about it before bed and be grateful for life. Listen deeply for meanings in signs, dreams, and universal hints.

We all have our own gifts, live with yours.

For every person comes an individual purpose. Asking other people for validation is not going to serve your true purpose only your Ego.

Reach out to your higher self and into your soul to find it. The answers are within you like a map, engraved in your soul. What we physically choose to do with our destiny results in the impact we imprint for this life time.  We always have a choice, which will result in Heaven (Nirvana) or lower phases then another life cycle.

Which life path do you choose? 


My favorite female lyricist, Sa-Roc, in her song, “We Can All Fly” says, “These days being real will get you black listed, I keep trying to tell them, ‘let me speak, I’m that gifted’ ..”  She is honest, strong, talented, and a beautiful soulful female rapper. Why haven’t many people heard of her? Even if your not a hip-hop fan, her lyrics are poetry. She’s amazing, learn about it. 🙂

Why is it whenever good people are completely putting everything into their gifts with truth, they keep getting shut out by the masses?

Honestly, I have been battling this concept my whole life. Everyday, I’m constantly struggling trying to find myself. It’s difficult to share my gifts while being judged, lied about, and shamed by shallow supporters that don’t even understand their Real purpose.

When I speak my truth there’s always more lies and shade thrown at me energetically and it starts to affect me emotionally. 

I began to wonder if its even worth it:

To live and love while aligning with my higher self, trying to dodge lower frequency vibrations and not get sucked in. Lower frequencies will spot your higher frequency vibrations and try to drain you of all your energy.  Don’t let that happen! The minute you feel it Walk Away.

So I have been praying for good people to be protected from these lower vibrations.

Ultimately its your choice to accept it.

Our God (One Universal Divine Source) is calling everybody, no matter what religion you are, to pray more, be grateful, help the Earth, and to speak with your soul.  True sincerity, loving values is what our Idols taught us growing up and it’s time to live by them.

Life is worth the struggle. If it wasn’t a struggle then what could we learn from that? Even if we don’t win all the battles: We are Warriors, still here to share our own individual exquisite purpose. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions.