Heyyyy to the Realest:

Thank you for being patient with my slow aa!! 🙂



These past weeks have been harsh with Deaths, saturation in the media, and Unrighteous Leaders that want control. (While hard-working citizens have a difficult time and can’t pay for basic bills or feed their families.)

What’s going on with our System?

We are all human, we should all be treated with respect not for how much we earn but for the love we have for each other…

“The System” tries to keep US in FEAR, backwards, and distracted.. It’s been working.

Truthfully, we are all just another number to them. 


It’s breaking my heart that they tear our Mother into pieces: For What Purpose?

She’s our home, she gifts with nutrients,  blesses us with true beauty,  where we were first Born and where we last Die. We are taught by our Native Sisters to keep her Spirits alive, by our saviors to teach, to unconditionally love her and each other. 


Global warming is hurting us faster than ever.. We can’t let it sink Philippines Islands or any other land. Stop all of the wicked influences, it’s time to wake up! We have got to save our planet.

We need to take Action, a Real Movement, Positive Influence for an actual chance for the future.. 

Every minute of truth can be brought to our attention if we stretch our minds and stop being so close minded. We can support, be open minded, and actually grow peacefully.

We are all blessed to be alive, so show some gratitude toward the divine.


Diwata Flow

Be sweet and Real, its a must,

Save our mother and the people we trust,

No more Fear,  or doubt Just love, 

Thank the one Divine God up above, 

To the People show some gratitude, 

Let go of jealousy and attitude, 

No more lies, and hate, 

We can ALL grow to create,

Drop knowledge and let each other speak

We can learn instead of being dry, BE bleak. 

Thanks for reading!!

Inspired by the kind people I’m thankful for and Kalabayan Spirit. 🙂





Patiently Loving

To the Realest:

This shadow aura has been a difficult time for most. With all of our patience, hard work, and support from each other we can get through it all.

Our lives can be mapped out into 2 journeys:

1) Where we can accomplish our goals, Be a Positive person, encourage others, fulfill our true purpose, and align with our Higher Selves.


2) We only think about material (physical) presence, stay negative, discourage other’s, don’t fulfill any purpose, and fall into our Lower Selves.

Unfortunately, there’s no gray area. It’s only one or the other..

When you think about your journey where has it taken you so far?  What path are you living?

At the end of the day, are you spending your time wisely and/ or happily?

I’m still working on achieving my higher alignment and am starting to be happier with my choices. I hope everyone tries to be their happiest,  higher self.

Globally, I am not sure what freedoms you may or may not have, but I’m a liberal, spiritual,  American Citizen. I love my country, though I don’t agree with our current leaders, I still love my home with all of my heart.

I Bled, loved, and lost here…

I hope all people could unite, be successful, and peaceful.

I would not be living in alignment with my higher self unless I stop thinking and start expressing myself. My mom was a single mom and an immigrant from the Philippine Islands before she stole my father, an American ‘Italian Stallion‘, from his girlfriend. They fell in love and stayed married until his dying day. They struggled financially, romantically, in every way and their patience and love for each other was so strong that they persevered through all obstacles until my dad’s lung cancer took his life.

Patience is a quality so difficult because life is precious and time is a concept we can’t waste. If there’s anything to be patient for it should be Each other. I know what my parents had is rare today but if you find that kind of love don’t let it go.  Patience and Real Love is genuinely unlimited, and open. 

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This beautiful journey of life is like an Alamo,

Our Ancestors are the Roots that sow,

Leafs represent the people that we know,

The seeds from the trees is how we grow,

The ‘breezies’ come and go just like the wind flow,  

Love your branches because they may fall and go,

Mother is the foundation she provides the show. 


Inspired by the people I saw today. 🙂







Animals Unite

Hey realest:

This is what having our online  platform  is about: Sharing something you love and passionately care about.

If I’m not spending my time writing, or working, then i’m in school learning about different types of animals. Sharing knowledge and  love for animals is the most ethical decision that I am interested in…. I find that….

Every living creature is unique and each symbolizes a message from the Divine.

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What is the purpose for hunting?  Why are Humans still okay with animal cruelty??

How would you feel to be Hunted? Or eaten? They are constantly being taken from their families, being fed garbage and each other for a selfish, evil pursuit…

Not only are you eating unsafe chemicals, your eating a mother, father, baby….

A soul.

Animals help people become better in every way. Humans are meant to produce, not to kill.

We are slowly awakening,  growing, and uniting with a purpose to help  our own species, but we are all on this planet as one.

So why treat these living creatures with disrespect?

Please help each other by helping animals.  Start spreading the Love, and share the message. We need to unite in Nature and accordance to all creatures that are apart of the Mother! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

This is a powerful group that educates, organizes and creates movement:

Animal Alliance


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Team Earth

Hi Realest:

My fault, I’m not perfect at all I have hella flaws. I’ll admit it: Just ask me!  I’m still learning and working everyday, just trying my best to keep up. So, I was recently diagnosed with Chorea, and I’m getting genetically tested for Huntington’s and instead of panicking and having anxiety about it, I chose to accept it. I need to redirect that energy to healing, living happily while helping the planet, and toward finding a cure.

Keeping the hopes up and truly kind, good people is what’s motivating me to keep waking up in the morning. For those people that have been selfless and genuinely helpful. Thank you, people like you are completely rare, we need more Good Examples like you here on this planet. It takes a lot for people to keep helping without asking for anything back, I truly believe people like this deserve an award, extra love and generosity… 

THANK YOU, for those people always going beyond their own egos and helping everyone they can. God Bless you.

We all have a role to play to better the environment and to heal Earth. Whats your role?


Is it in the people and caring for others?  The oceans and marine  biology? Air quality and air pollution? Global Warming? Agriculture?

Or Animals and their close link to the survival of all that is in nature?

Being close to the animals brings out the best in people, we become more aware of the Earth and more intuited with nature… Most people don’t understand this concept because they  choose to keep following the masses..

The bias issues people have are their own personal, surfaced issues they project on others..  Choosing to believe the shallow proves people are still too scared to change..

We can teach them different, we can all change, but the willingness to better themselves is up to them…

We have got to stop all of this close mindedness. Start Growing into Open Mindfulness. 

Find your Earthly Role and share it! Our Mother is calling us to heal her!

Thanks for Reading !

Sowing Knowledge…

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Make Earth a Priority

Hey Loves,

Virgo Season is coming up and it’s our Earth Elemental sign. This season is one of purity, production, kindness, honesty, and ‘Mother’ love. We need to put more time into our choices to  help our planets future.

We can’t control what Wrong Choices other people make, but we can tell them, and hopefully they’ll learn and fix it. Some adults still have an immature mindset and make wrong decisions on purpose. It’s probably because most people are too scared to tell them, which is also in a way a childish way of thinking…

How do you expect them to learn if you don’t tell them they are wrong?

Not saying anything to them and telling somebody else is just like ‘ugly gossiping’. There is no need for that, just communicate your issues in an honest,  nice way….

We can’t just let people keep doing the wrong thing all the time… Maybe their from a different country and don’t know the laws, maybe you should warn them.. Maybe it’s a language or a cultural barrier that they don’t understand…

I try to follow this rule: If it hurts me or somebody else then it’s wrong. 

One of the best customer service representatives at a Denver Car Rental said, “To get Respect you have to give it.” That stuck with me because we can never predict tomorrow, so treat everybody with respect. Even if they are rude, we all have good and bad days. You never know, they may have lost somebody that day or it could be their last day…

At least you can say you tried. 😉 I , personally thank you because I know it’s hard to try to be pleasant all the time, especially around negative energy.

Just communicate with each other, maybe they’ll fix it…. Or maybe they’re a sociopath,  in that case RUN!!!!! J.K.

The point is at least you did your part in societal progression which is an amazingly, heroic quality and God knows we need more Selfless Leaders to save our planet.

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Do you think you’ve done your part in the Earths healing process? What have you done to make things better?

Encourage more positive, productive choices that lead to help the planet. She’s our home, our soil, and our Mother after all.  😉


Thanks!! 🙂







Changes from within shine out!

Hi Realest:

It’s time for self improvement and change for everybody. Leo season is time for growth. As soon as you start to make a choice on what it is that you want to improve just do it. If your still not sure, Meditate or Pray on it and you will get the guidance you need.

Please stop judging one another. It’s heart breaking to see empathetic people that are trying there best to grow, when other people keep dragging them down. Its hard to see the judgement, doubt, and negativity put onto thriving people making it incapable for them to grow into their higher selves.

Some people are truly empathetic and don’t realize how sensitive they are, and they take on too much of other peoples’ energy. For my strong empathetic people out there, try your best to ground everyday, and do more Cardio, it does wonders for people with this universal energetic gift. 


Personally, my growth includes needing to be more extroverted. I have become an introvert and I wasn’t always. I have been through painful humbling times and grew stronger from it. Being a Sagittarius sun and a Pisces moon, I have to be more extroverted and become more creative. Although I still have this inner battle, I know now what I am meant to be.. 😉

Do you doubt yourself too much? You should know you are truly special and unique right into the spirit and our DNA.

We can all have many roles and parts in life, it doesn’t have to be just one. There are many roles to play, and developments to make. If there is no reason to, then stop being threatened by other people.  We can all grow together.

Communicate. Some Media tends to lie and start rumors turning real people against each other. Just talk it out: That might have been a soul brother/sister, a kindred spirit, or a soul mate just having a rough day. Honest, open communication is needed to reach our higher selves.

I understand friendly competition but where is the standard in that? When do these judgments start to affect growth and other people around us? Especially, considering empathetic people taking on the pain and hurt from others.

If people want to grow, don’t mock or judge it. Let them be bold and grow. It’s an amazing process we can all learn from.. We can motivate and offer help to those that need it. Change is hard, sympathy is always appreciated.

Self growth is important. Try to help the planet while developing into your higher self.  Our planet will be very grateful. 🙂

Self improvements are individual but influential when shared. So inspire others by sharing your improvements. 

Remember:  We are all incredibly blessed.



World Wide Strength

Hi my Loves:

**Within these rough times of global warming, people seriously need to be more environmentally cautious. It’s hard to give up old habits, but not impossible. A little at a Time! Every single person has to do their part for things to progress. **

This heat is bringing out the emotional side of people causing drastic, humbling moments.

Don’t let lower frequency people damage your entirety. Letting others know that your focus is in all around growth will let them understand you better. This will also show you who your real friends are.

Becoming our more evolved, higher selves includes pushing your own boundaries. Only you know your own limits. 

For an Example,  people have an issue believing physical and “metaphysical” or spiritual, but they are more correlated than people choose to know.

Consider, Chakra  Spiritual Healing, It’s all around aligned healing for the body, spirit, and mind. It Includes colors that represent our higher power vibration in our bodies: Red, Orange,  Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Within each color symbolizes so many meanings spirituality, physicality, ambitions and emotions. They represent the “Wheel” or Circle of life and ROYGBIV which also represents our physical rainbow. Included in Genesis 9:16 the Christian bible, it reflects on God giving us our Rainbow as a covenant between our Divine and living creatures on Earth.

Some people refuse to see that the earth is round or that circles are inevitably infinite.

The sooner people are willing to accept that we are all one and inner connected the sooner we can UNITE! 🙂