Growing with Him

Growing with Him


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Grow outside of the imprisoned mind,

Endless possibilities we’ll spiritually find,

God will heal and guide your entire being,

He goes beyond everything we’ve been seeing,

His planned destiny for us we’ll finally realize,

We are where we’re supposed to be, start to visualize,

Through Prayers, see the change we’ve always dreamed of,

When our goals become reality only through His love.





Dedicated To Jesus and His people. 🙂


Speak with Love

Speak with love!

We don’t need anymore negative distractions,

Speak with love for unstoppable positive reactions,

Throw the past and fix the present for the future we should reflect,

Learn from Him, His true people we should respect,

In His beautiful eyes, We are all perfect.



Dedicated to Jesus, the realest and godly peoples!

Spiritual Journey

Hey Realest,

God’s starting me over from the ground up, as I grow in this new life with the help and guidance from the friends He provided for me.

Half of the time it feels like an over whelming puzzle, but the other half is a warm, prosperous, unconditional, comforting, deep love.

It’s more difficult than a regular life but doesn’t that make the blessings received that much sweeter?

I never really cared for ‘glitzy glamour,’ or the materialistic side of  the physical form, but mostly about God, the environment, animals, and people. You realize who actually cares and helps you during your walk with Christ, or who’s just there to criticize it. When you uncover the truth you lose some friends, but you gain honest, loyal ones… 🙂

You realize what matters and what doesn’t, He’s breaking down the pride, shallowness, and sorrow. By replacing it with happiness, gifts, wisdom and generosity..

We all go through life with issues and carry it on like layers, upon layers. Our spiritual journey resembles a cake of our whole life story. Layers representing ideas, character, memories, people, environment, and talents.  The icing that connects all of the layers together is our emotions. The icing on top is our surfaced, physical appearance.  When God moves in our lives in every aspect, He’s making a whole new cake on the inside with Him in the center, with just a touch up on the outside.

He makes away and moves us. He breaks us to build us back up again in His wonderful, complex way.  He changes everything about us, once we put Him first. He brings you back in time with His revelations to heal from the past. He’ll let you see a glimpse of your future with His visions. He’s above all, time included, He’s love, the ultimate light of the universe.



Spiritual Journey

He digs into our past to reveal,

The memories that we must heal,

This is all just the beginning,

For the eternal life we are winning,

Anything we go through, always pray,

Holding on to Him with Hope everyday,

Everything in life is a beautiful test,

Where are you going after you’ve been laid to rest?



Dedicated to Jesus and my friends who are guiding me.

Thanks for reading!




Mic Drops of Truth


I appreciate your patience.. I have been as real as I possibly can, especially about things I truly understand…

No, not everybody knows everything AT ALL. We understand concepts and hints about people, but trust, even the smartest people don’t know everything..

I have no shame in asking questions, especially about issues, or topics I don’t understand. This is how we find Real, factual, information is by asking questions… Knowledge is power after all..

Some of my many ‘unanswered questions’ are :

Why are people reading tweets as facts especially our leaders? Why do people quote it more than the bible or other holy books? 

I’m not knocking social media, its purpose of connecting internationally is motivating a positive movement in society but only if used Correctly, but most people haven’t been using it correctly. . Studies found an increasing rate of depression connected to those that always use social media, especially in the younger generation..

The voluntary information that we give online goes directly to our political Leaders, FBI, CIA, marketing algorithms, and other government authorities.. My Privacy is important and I don’t think it’s right for  people to subliminally “Control” others.

**Why don’t we use the abandon buildings in the Down Town areas as a  Homeless Shelter on one Level, Urban Farming on another level, kitchen on another level, Animal shelters on another level, Fixed Income Mental & Physical Health clinics on another, Computer engineering and programming on another?  In the urban farming sector we can produce a delicious snack such as a potato, bell pepper, okra, etc or an inexpensive vegetable or fruit to consume and bring funds for this project. We can create a mentor-ship program to help people become trained and counseled to pick a vocation. It will eventually become self ran but still regulated. This can help the economy by increasing employment for the fellowship as well as the Police Department that can help regulate these sections, and increase the quality of life in the demographic.

“They” always say that they are going to build more outside the city but haven’t yet…. Wouldn’t “they” save more money and resources if they just fixed the buildings? ?

Why are some people still drilling into our Mother for oil after all of the harmful effects known and gases shes leaking?  

“They” already know how dangerous it is to our environment,  and still “they” want to hurt us all, Rather than use their resources to expand synthetic oils which would eventually maximize profits and give us a chance at a future. . .

I don’t mean to Make everybody angry nor is it my job to make everybody happy,  people need to start asking honest questions for actual change to occur… 

No More distractions! 

Again, I know I’m being  harsher than usual but the ugly truth hurts and it needs to be known especially during retrograde season..

We can actually take our time to think about what we can change in ourselves that adds to the problem and finally create a peaceful, long lasting solution!

As of right now, we all live on one planet which is quickly deteriorating because of us.

Globally, we need to wake up because this is an ALL People Problem.


Mic Drops of Truth

Why do Evil people keep lying, spying, and stealing our information?

While People of entitlement are brought up to rule our generation, 

Misleading and building on the falsification of a bureaucratic nation, 

Selfish decisions are causing our beautiful planets deterioration, 

Release the knowledge with Mic Drops of Truth,

Let wisdom rain to save the future of the entire youth, 

The “fixed” system is getting too corrupt, 

Godly people, We need to speak up, 

We can improve society, 

It starts with you and me, 

Don’t be distracted by ‘their’ lies, 

Ask, what actually goes on beyond our eyes? 

They’ve got the pretty money to turn us toward the ugly robot, 

While those who are honestly outing them get labeled a ‘Thot,’

‘They’ just want power to divide and control us, 

Tainting our hearts until we don’t have any trust, 

‘They’ try to but can’t keep throwing us down, 

We’ll keep thriving up from the underground, 

Once we stop being who they expect us to be, 

Only then can we live peaceful and free, 

Godly, Real people that can relate, 

We’ve got the power to learn and educate, 

To Save Mother’s future we should try, 

Don’t let time keep passing you by, 

Be present in the moments we are blessed to fixate,

We’ve made it this far to Learn, Love, and to create. 🙂

Inspired by the Divine and the peaceful People of Truth

Changes from within shine out!

Hi Realest:

It’s time for self improvement and change for everybody. Leo season is time for growth. As soon as you start to make a choice on what it is that you want to improve just do it. If your still not sure, Meditate or Pray on it and you will get the guidance you need.

Please stop judging one another. It’s heart breaking to see empathetic people that are trying there best to grow, when other people keep dragging them down. Its hard to see the judgement, doubt, and negativity put onto thriving people making it incapable for them to grow into their higher selves.

Some people are truly empathetic and don’t realize how sensitive they are, and they take on too much of other peoples’ energy. For my strong empathetic people out there, try your best to ground everyday, and do more Cardio, it does wonders for people with this universal energetic gift. 


Personally, my growth includes needing to be more extroverted. I have become an introvert and I wasn’t always. I have been through painful humbling times and grew stronger from it. Being a Sagittarius sun and a Pisces moon, I have to be more extroverted and become more creative. Although I still have this inner battle, I know now what I am meant to be.. 😉

Do you doubt yourself too much? You should know you are truly special and unique right into the spirit and our DNA.

We can all have many roles and parts in life, it doesn’t have to be just one. There are many roles to play, and developments to make. If there is no reason to, then stop being threatened by other people.  We can all grow together.

Communicate. Some Media tends to lie and start rumors turning real people against each other. Just talk it out: That might have been a soul brother/sister, a kindred spirit, or a soul mate just having a rough day. Honest, open communication is needed to reach our higher selves.

I understand friendly competition but where is the standard in that? When do these judgments start to affect growth and other people around us? Especially, considering empathetic people taking on the pain and hurt from others.

If people want to grow, don’t mock or judge it. Let them be bold and grow. It’s an amazing process we can all learn from.. We can motivate and offer help to those that need it. Change is hard, sympathy is always appreciated.

Self growth is important. Try to help the planet while developing into your higher self.  Our planet will be very grateful. 🙂

Self improvements are individual but influential when shared. So inspire others by sharing your improvements. 

Remember:  We are all incredibly blessed.



Find your MEaning

Hi Real Ones:

Its been a difficult time for most people, our Earth is speaking to us. Her heart is breaking. Even with difficulties all over the place we could pray and care for her more. Our Divine put us on this planet for our own distinct reasons not to destruct, but to thrive and excel in our own light. Collectively speaking, everybody should encourage progress because nothing will change until we ALL do our part. 


As cliche as it sounds, we are all here for a Greater purpose. If you don’t know what yours is yet, it’s okay, pray about it before bed and be grateful for life. Listen deeply for meanings in signs, dreams, and universal hints.

We all have our own gifts, live with yours.

For every person comes an individual purpose. Asking other people for validation is not going to serve your true purpose only your Ego.

Reach out to your higher self and into your soul to find it. The answers are within you like a map, engraved in your soul. What we physically choose to do with our destiny results in the impact we imprint for this life time.  We always have a choice, which will result in Heaven (Nirvana) or lower phases then another life cycle.

Which life path do you choose? 


My favorite female lyricist, Sa-Roc, in her song, “We Can All Fly” says, “These days being real will get you black listed, I keep trying to tell them, ‘let me speak, I’m that gifted’ ..”  She is honest, strong, talented, and a beautiful soulful female rapper. Why haven’t many people heard of her? Even if your not a hip-hop fan, her lyrics are poetry. She’s amazing, learn about it. 🙂

Why is it whenever good people are completely putting everything into their gifts with truth, they keep getting shut out by the masses?

Honestly, I have been battling this concept my whole life. Everyday, I’m constantly struggling trying to find myself. It’s difficult to share my gifts while being judged, lied about, and shamed by shallow supporters that don’t even understand their Real purpose.

When I speak my truth there’s always more lies and shade thrown at me energetically and it starts to affect me emotionally. 

I began to wonder if its even worth it:

To live and love while aligning with my higher self, trying to dodge lower frequency vibrations and not get sucked in. Lower frequencies will spot your higher frequency vibrations and try to drain you of all your energy.  Don’t let that happen! The minute you feel it Walk Away.

So I have been praying for good people to be protected from these lower vibrations.

Ultimately its your choice to accept it.

Our God (One Universal Divine Source) is calling everybody, no matter what religion you are, to pray more, be grateful, help the Earth, and to speak with your soul.  True sincerity, loving values is what our Idols taught us growing up and it’s time to live by them.

Life is worth the struggle. If it wasn’t a struggle then what could we learn from that? Even if we don’t win all the battles: We are Warriors, still here to share our own individual exquisite purpose. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions.