My Testimony

Hi I’m Eunice R. aka Noni Love or Yukki Mac,

I’m Mislabeled.

This is my Passion Project. 😉

mothernature  Photo credit: J.S

Perfecting my dream crafts. Tuesdays are my weekly message sharing days! 

I lived all over, I’ve been through a lot, and learned from wins and losses. I was lost, but God found me. That’s how merciful He is. I’m changing everyday through Him.

Negative influence never helps Real People. 

We can, We will, We are encouraging growth in ourselves and each other.

The beautiful spiritual cultures of Japan, India, Mexico, Philippines, Africa, Thailand, Italy, Israel, China, and each purposeful aligned religious belief is my foundation. One merciful Divine god, different names. Mine is represented through Jesus, He chose me. 🙂

..I’m blessed to live and be born in Cali where there’s beautiful art in nature, it shines through the sun, and sparkles of the curls from the beach waves. I’m a Peaceful Cali Girl. 

We should always have an open mind because there’s always so much to learn from different global perspectives..



Embrace your thriving spirit. 

We need to leave an environmental impact on society. 

“What is happening now has happened before, and what will happen in the future has happened before, because God makes things happen over and over again.”-

Ecclesiastes 2:15

My Goals:  Are to creatively share God’s weekly messages to inspire people, share truths to better our planet, help animals, and to keep the light moving forward.


    me n ryder - Edited

Here’s my “goldie” :

Oakland ID

I’ve learned so much life situations from the bay and the Real peoples.  Even though I reside in Los Angeles presently, I can never forget where I was enlightened.  I drifted around from city to state, trying to find my part in society, and learned from different types of people. No matter where I am currently, I’ve always got to throw it up for the bay area.

** “You can take the girl out the O but you can never take the O out the girl.” **  

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ‘Contact Me’ on my page.



God, Open Mindfulness, and the people of Truth are guiding those to alignment.