My Testimony

Hi !

I’m Eunice R. aka Noni Love or Yukki Mac, I know it’s a lot of nick names. Each for a different phase of my life.

This is my Passion Project. 😉

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Background – My Dark Past.. 

Early on in life, the furthest memory I have as a child,  was sexual abuse by an old relative as a young child, this went ongoing until I was about 16 when I was able to finally fight back. I told my parents and lied to the nice social workers when they asked me about it because I was afraid they would take me away from home. That I wouldn’t be able to see my parents.

My childhood was tainted early on, I moved a lot, and never had real friends, until about middle school. I grew up never being able to self identify, jaded, felt comfort and filled it in other ways. I wasn’t the best person, I blacked out, and blurred most of my teens into my 20’s.

I was married and had a child before 20. His father and I separated after 2 years, we were simply too different, brought the worst out in each other, and it just wasn’t meant to be.

I’d often look for my purpose in life through other people’s points of view. I didn’t know or want to feel anymore. I joined the Army and didn’t make the best choices. Almost 10 years ago, I was drunk and took a heavy bottle of painkillers one night (when I was at the lowest of all my lows) with every intention to go. Luckily, my kind friend was there, saw me slowly die in front of him, he saved my life that day. I remember waking up, crying a melancholy.

.. I was sexually assaulted twice in the same year my dad died. Nobody understands the shame, depression, and loneliness you feel after being held down and violated. It took time but with both therapy and prayers, I finally forgave the men that raped me.

I was diagnosed with C.K.D stage 4 about 5 years ago, I thought by now I would be dead from kidney failure but God is using me in a mighty way. I met some good people on this journey of life.

He doesn’t want me to go yet.  I have a bigger calling in my life.

He proved it again in my life about 8 months ago, my kidneys were failing. I moved out of my exes place, I quit my job, I failed school, when my friend/ sister, Chrislyn, took me to Freedom Christian Center, where I was saved, Born Again and healed..

By His stripes I’m healed, He chose to heal me in the hands of Pastor Tim.

Glory to God! I feel better, He gives life purpose, and brings pure happiness back in my life..

I believe therefore I am.  Growing everyday in Him.

I was never content before, always wanting more, comparing myself, and giving my all to people that took my time for granted…

I didn’t know how beautiful life could be sober, until I became a Born Again Christian while going to Freedom Christian Center.  I’m so grateful to my leader/ friend/ sister, who showed me this wonderful new way of life. It amazing, how God changed us, and I am grateful to have a mentor to go on the journey with. . 🙂

Bad girls gone good?

BEFORE                            AFTER

before and after

All by the Grace of God.

He found us in our deep bondage, just following the masses, He showed us a better way to eternal life through Freedom Christian Center.

I’m very grateful to Jesus, He chose me. So I choose Him first everyday.. To improve myself and to guide others to Him. He deserves everything we are.  There’s nothing like the light, love, peace, joy that comes directly from Him.

He’s still working on His people to polish us for the new season in our lives. He’s building me up with Him in my Heart. 🙂

He’s our truest Hope.

(..I’m blessed to live and be born in Cali where there’s beautiful art in nature, it shines through the sun, and sparkles off the curls from the beach waves. I’m a Peaceful Cali Girl. )


Embrace your thriving spirit.

We need to leave an environmental impact on society. 

**”What is happening now has happened before, and what will happen in the future has happened before, because God makes things happen over and over again.”-**

Ecclesiastes 2:15

Today’s Goals:  Are to creatively share God’s weekly messages to inspire people, share truths to better our planet, help animals, and to keep the light moving forward.


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I’ve learned so much life situations from the bay and the Real peoples.  I drifted around from city to state, trying to find my part in society, and learned from different types of people. No matter where I am currently, I’ve always got to throw it up for the bay area.

** “You can take the girl out the O but you can never take the O out the girl.” **  

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